Soooo… Did i get the job?

22 Feb

I’ve got some BIG news people, and you might just like it… I will be joining @Retroviral on the 1st April 2012!! I am so incredibly amped about all the exciting things going on right now… Cannot wait to join the @Retroviral team and start making things happen! I also want to say a MASSIVE BIG thank you to all of those who sent out #WeWantKirsty tweets and supported the campaign, YOU ALL ROCK AND I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU!!

A few people have asked me about my strategy behind the #WeWantKirsty and “what the hell I was thinking” so I thought i’d help you lot better understand what goes on inside the brain of @KirstyCarrot …..use it, don’t use it 🙂

When I saw this job opening at a company I had fancied for a while (Retroviral), my brain started ticking… First thing I needed to do was use simple Math to figure out my plan… Lucky for me I was pretty good at Maths in school, girls are generally smarter than boys so this isn’t too surprising 😉 I give you the equation that started it all…

Now I just needed show @Retroviral WHAT I could do instead of sending them a boring old CV that even Skippy didn’t care to read. I needed to do something awesome, in order to get people to share it. I decided to use Humour to do this… seeming as Humour spreads faster on twitter than Herpes at a night club, I was pretty confident that if I got my #LadyBalls out wrote down a few of my thoughts… I might just get a few shares.

It just shows that if you put in a little extra effort, and you aren’t a #MassiveHaf (A haf is half of a full… I’m sure you get the point) then good things WILL happen. I put in the extra effort because I WANTED to, not because I was asked to, and this made me stand out. So if you are job hunting, think about putting in that EXTRA effort to make yourself stand out… maybe even Kiss a Horse or something? Who knows what may come of it? ***Disclaimer : Skippy the romantic horse is in no way associated with Retroviral Digital Communications, although he would fancy a kiss from their fearless leader @MikeSharman ***

And when all else fails, Compare yourself to Justin Beiber online… instant credibility, INSTANT.

Chat soon x


p.s. Skippy got a tan and says haaaay!!


About that interview…

17 Feb

Thanks to YOU lot and all the awesome support for #WeWantKirsty…  The guys at @Retroviral gave me the interview I was hunting for… it’s amazing what a little online harassment can do! To show my appreciation I spent a whole R55 + R49.00 to have this T-Shirt printed… that’s a total of R104.00 people. Roughly the equivalent of 7,42 Mango Brutal Fruits to be exact. I give you the official #WeWantKirsty T-Shirt (with pink text… obviously.)

Now that you’re all done looking at my boob area. The Shirt is available in Small, Medium, Large and a limited edition Mankini Design… Get your orders in early folks!!

P.S. Its still early days but i promise i’ll keep you posted about the job hunt… You’ll know when i know 🙂

Have a ROCKING weekend!

Do you think Retroviral should invite me round for an interview?

14 Feb

My name is Kirsty Sharman (@KirstyCarrot)… and I would like to be an Online Community Manager for Retroviral (they’re hiring).  Why you ask? Because I heart Digital (I even spell it with a capital D because I feel it’s important enough to be a noun), Retroviral released a video a while ago that gave me goose bumps… it made me Stop, drop and re-consider my path… If you haven’t seen it, watch it, it’s LEGEND! Watch it Here

Below are 12 reasons why I think Mike Sharman (the Boss man at @retroviral) should hire me. If you think I deserve an interview, PLEASE tweet this post and REMEMBER to use the  #WeWantKirsty hashtag!

  • I have a tertiary Degree. Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Design (it’s a requirement folks).
  • I have Lady Balls. One time I even kissed a horse whilst wearing intimidating sunglasses… Don’t believe me?

  • I’m not afraid to ask questions. I’m not going to tell you I know everything because that would make me a liar, and no one likes a liar, but I am going to tell you that what I don’t know I will learn… and I will learn it FAST.
  • An existing online presence. My Comic Web-Blog (Lunch Money Mafia) has built a small community over time… and I have made me a few twitter BFF’s. If you times my amount of followers by 34 388 then I’m basically as popular as Justin Bieber online.
  • I’m passionate about all things digital. No jokes there, I laugh in the face of paper.
  • I’m a team player, and I’m confident I can bring new ideas to the table. After all, people always tell me that two minds are better than one… I have done a little comic to help explain my logic here.

  • I can like to work the interwebs. Twitter, Facebook, Tweetdeck, Stumble, Linkedin, Google+, Google Analytics, Tumblr, WordPress (my favorite blogging platform), Blogger, YouTube, HTML, CSS… and the Adobe creative suit is my playground!
  • I can write #LikeABoss. If you ignore the whole “I can like to work the interwebs” line.
  • I always go the extra mile. When they tell me to come to work dressed as a Chav, I don’t only go dressed as a chav… I bring my Chav baby with me to work too. Cause them Pom government folk don’t pay for no baby sitters innit?…am i Bovered?

  • I have those interpersonal skills you’re looking for. I learnt those social skills pretty QUICK when I discovered I was the reason the saying “white people can’t dance” actually exists… I had to make friends somehow!
  • I think Retroviral is the SH*T. The work I’ve seen them do MATTERS. I WANT TO MATTER.

(***Please NOTE, even though we share the same surname, there is no relation)

Think I deserve that interview? Then let it be heard! Tweet, Tweet and Tweet some more my little chinchilla’s!! And remember to use #WeWantKirsty so I can track 😉